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Learn the Staff

Music apps and other resources for learning about the staff and its notes.

Learning the Staff, 1:

An interactive introduction to the staff. Learn about lines, spaces, and note names in treble clef by moving notes on the staff.

Screen Images:
  lines spaces image alphabet image notes image create image
Watch music on video to follow notes.
Identify lines and spaces by dragging notes to staff.
Use letters of the alphabet to identify lines and spaces.
Move notes to the staff to learn position on the staff.
Work with notes by creating musical ideas.

Computer Download:

  • Mac OSX (OSX 10.5.8, Leopard; 10.6.x, Snow Leopard; 10.7.x, Lion; 10.8.x, Mountain Lion; 10.9.x Mavericks)
    • Download Staff; 39.9 MB; 8/12/14)
    • Locate in downloads folder, double click to uncompress (45.8 MB)
    • Drag Staff to desired location, e.g. Applications folder
    • Double click to open
  • Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2008; Quicktime 7 for Windows)
    • Download Staff 1.exe; 20.8 MB; 8/12/14)
    • Download to desktop
    • Drag Staff 1.exe to desired location (.e.g Programs)
    • Download and install Quicktime 7 for Windows (required for Staff 1 movies to work)
    • Click Staff 1 to open


  • Android Tablet
    • Download Staff 1.apk; 16.3 MB; 8/20/14
    • On Device, download Staff 1; accept security settings for one time installation; choose Install
    • Locate app on device; tap to open
    • More help with downloading here.
  • iPad (not yet available)

Learning the Staff, 2:

An interactive introduction to the grand staff. Learn about clefs and note names in both treble and bass clef by identifying notes; placing notes on the staff; notating; and creating music. Watch music playing to follow the notes on the grand staff.

  music clefs notes ledger working
Watch music on video to follow notes in treble and bass clef.
Identify the correct clef by listening to examples.
Move notes to the staff to learn positions on the grandstaff.
Identify notes with ledger lines.
Work with notes by notating examples.


Computer Download:

Mobile: Not yet available


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