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Recorder Directions

Learning to play the recorder can be fun, but you will need some tools to help you learn your recorder music.

On the Computer

Plug-ins required to play these songs

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Windows Media Player (PC) or Quicktime (Mac)

Saving music on your computer

1. Save song (MIDI file) to your desktop

In Media Player: right-click on the name, choose "Save As"

In Quicktime (Mac), click right arrow, choose "Save as source"

2. Download a free copy of Finale NotePad

Open Finale NotePad on your computer to play your music.

In Finale NotePad, choose File>Open (the recorder song you saved).

3. To play, choose Window >Playback controls Choose Window>Instrument list>S for solo (recorder part only) or to hear with accompaniment (S is blank)

4. Choose how fast or slow to practice the music by selecting Tempo in the playback control.


On iPad

Choose iPad icon to see or hear files:

ipad icon

Links in external sites may or may not work due to files that are not configured for iPad (e.g. m4v or mp3). Flash files (swf) and ".mov" do not work on iPad.