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Meet the Recorder

Medieval Period--to 1400

Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

The Medieval Recorder--includes earliest known recorder, the Doldrecht recorder from Holland.


Renaissance, 1450-1600

Description of Renaissance Music

Renaissance Recorders

The Recorder

The Renaissance Recorder

Recorder Family

Recorder Developments

By 1500s, Jean Hottetere (France) designed a recorder (flutea bec) in three pieces for better tuning

Other names for recorder:

By 1600s, the recorder family was developed

World Events

Renaissance as "rebirth"

Michelangelo and Sistine Chapel

Invention of Printing Press

Great Wall of China constructed

Columbus sailed to America



Baroque (1600-1750)

Charlotte Barber-Condini, BBC 2012 Young Musician Finalist

Maklyan's Classical and Recorder MIDI

Recorder Developments

Composers who included recorder music

World Events

Mayflower to America

Galileo, invention of the telescope

Newton, theory of gravity

Russian Emperor, Peter the Great

Development of the violin


After 1750

Recorder Development

Recorders lost importance, nearly disappeared in Spain and France

Folk Recorders:



Making a recorder

Electroacoustic Recorders

Recorder Orchestra of New York

Tango for Elise by Canon Recorder Ensemble

Recorder Developments

Renewed interest in recorders

Arnold Dolmetsch, recorder maker

Recorders in societies and school music


World Woodwinds/Historical

Neanderthal Flute, nearly 80,000 years old

Bone Flutes 32,000 years old (paleolithic period)

Chinese flutes, 9000 years old

Pan-flute, Hawaii


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